Of all the workouts we can do during our cardio days, I prefer to use the pre-workout routine to compliment the cardio workouts rather than the pre-recovery. How long my pre-workout lasts?  I see pre-recovery as a way to rev up the metabolism before the workout or the gym, rather than a way to recover afterward. All the pre-workout exercises make the workouts at the beginning of the workout more effective and effective means of recovery afterward. So much so that I choose to pre-workout during a cardio workout instead of after it to make sure I get an extra boost. It’s also just as effective but only takes an extra few minutes to get up and get going.

Look for some pre-workout routines to help keep you motivated. No matter what your fitness level, pre-workout routines give you a pre-workout routine for any fitness goal.

Body Workouts That Serve More Than One Purpose

Ditch the back-and-forth workouts that leave you unfulfilled. Instead, focus on a few workouts that offer more than one purpose. By using multi-purpose workouts, you can include a variety of exercises and build an effective workout that includes cardio and strength training for long-lasting results.

An example of a multi-purpose workout is the bodyweight workout routine I discuss in my post. You can continue the cardio exercise into the strength training section for added benefits. Add cardio exercises that serve more than one purpose, such as high-intensity interval training. Each interval or break that occurs during your cardio workouts allows you to pump out an additional set. No matter what your fitness level, you can find a workout that works for you.

Choose a pre-workout routine that works for your workout goals. Yes, it does make the workout more effective. Yes, it can save you time and frustration. Yes, it’s easier to pack and load workout gear than to repack and repack. And yes, it’s more efficient for the workouts that happen before the workout. It’s never too early to start pre-working out.